3/3/23  DS and DBC:Unit bassist Carl Royce contribute “Hypnotony” to latest release from Eighth Tower Records  Deep Red

2/25/23  More expansive interviews w/director Corey Deshon Shane Bassett review, Geek Show

2/15/23  Interview with “Daughter” director Corey Deshon with lots of background on DS soundtrack Horror Obsessive

2/2/23  Sound from new project w/fine players Improv: Mood

1/31/23  First exclusive clip from “Daughter”  Do You Understand?

1/3/23  Recently discovered vintage footage of the Radio Ranch Straight Shooters in San Pedro, CA 9/14/97

12/3/22  DS track with Morgen Wurde & Tis makes best-of-year list from Unexplained Sounds 8th Annual Report

11/8/22  Very positive review of “Daughter” with some nice words about DS original score EL King review

10/10/22  New duo album with guitarist Michael Gayle released, Bandcamp exclusive Valaho

10/7/22  Dracula album w/DS track is released & “Daughter” has U.S. premiere at Viet Film Fest

10/1/22  A little cadenza from “Town on the Edge of Darkness,” from Upcoming duo album

9/20/22 When it’s tough to keep up with it all Good news

9/17/22 Remixes of remixes!  In which Morgen Wurde/Tis/DS are remixed by Synthese & Genning Wagt/Sinnt

8/27/22  More positive press from DS scored film “Daughter”  Eye for Film

8/21/22  First review of “Daughter” is a good one.  “Film not to miss,” premieres 8/26 in London. Link here

8/13/22 Haywire returns tonight to Griffins of Kinsale

8/6/22 DS at Glynn Sound in the Los Angeles foothills last week to create last-minute sonic material for “Daughter” soundtrack.  World premiere in London in three weeks.

7/26/22  New dark soundscape Ghost Voices

7/14/22 World premiere of “Daughter,” with DS film score, on August 26 at Frightfest

7/10/22  New experiment on Youtube Screen Violence

6/17/22 DS track “Living Forms Climbing Out of the Earth” is part of this outstanding midyear best-of collection from Unexplained Sounds Group

6/16/22  Preview of upcoming soundscape Vapor Writing

6/12/22  Check out a Backwards Blues  on Instagram.

5/31/22  “Daughter” was screened last week at the Cannes Film Festival where it was acquired for North American distribution—details here

5/20/22  DBC:Unit trio album reviewed here by Chilean webzine Loop

5/9/22 New on Youtube Music from a dream

5/5/22 Latest news on upcoming feature film scored by DS Daughter film update

4/24/22  First broadcast appearance by DBC:Unit, on Unexplained Sounds podcast

4/12/22  Debut album from DBC:Unit trio now available exclusively on Bandcamp

3/11/22  More previews from upcoming DBC:Unit album here

2/19/22 DS collaboration w/Ulysses Jenkins is prominent part of Ulysses’ retrospective at Hammer Museum Without Your Interpretation

2/11/22  Another glimpse into the universe of  DBC:Unit

1/22/22  DS back on this podcast on 1/23 featuring cutting edge music from all over the globe Unexplained Sounds

1/17/22  New single + preview of upcoming solo album Living Forms Climbing Out of the Earth

1/14/22  New on Vimeo & YT, Revisiting the CR5

12/21/21  Mesmerizing collaboration w/desert video artist Sakchai Lokanuvat Other Desert Cities

12/16/21  DS part of stellar new trio with percussionist Breeze Smith & bassist Carl Royce, preview here DBC Unit

12/5/21 Track from “El Tecolote..” makes Unexplained Sounds Group’s outstanding year end compilation 7th Annual Report

11/6/21 Second Space Yard release is part of Bandcamp update

10/8/21  Working on  The Dream of Solitude  in studio with guitarist/producer Michael Gayle

9/30/21 A brief peek into next full length album, in very early stages of creation Living Forms Climbing Out of the Earth

 “Tecolote…” pieces included in wonderful podcast featuring experimental music from all over the globe.  Listen here Unexplained Sounds #265  and here Unexplained Sounds #266

9/15/21  Legendary Los Angeles video artist Ulysses Jenkins is finally having his first major career retrospective & collaborations w/DS are included in this event.  Online premiere is 9/17 at 4 p.m. PST, info here Without Your Interpretation

9/12/21  In which a certain guest star makes a cameo appearance The Visitor

9/1/21 Dashboard video preview from new EP El Tecolote

7/31/21 First release on new Bandcamp page  El Tecolote Sings Songs to the Night

7/27/21 DS pre-pandemic with Dean DeBenedictus & Stratos Ensemble

7/26/21 Short preview from upcoming film soundtrack Daughter recording session

7/5/21  Currently in production for release this summer  New EP

6/1/21  Debut of new reverb pedal Walrus Audio Fathom

5/2/21  Under-heard music Televisions Dreaming

4/16/21 That new black NXTa violin again, on Youtube 11:11

4/14/21  New NXTa electric violin meets Fabrikat-as-Jimi Feeding Back

4/3/21  Stay tuned, this film w/DS score is coming  Daughter

3/30/21 First studio recording session with new electric violin NS Design NXTa 5 string

3/6/21 New solo  EP release on Spirit Charity label Transmitter

2/26/21 Odd glitch textures, found sound, expanded violin techniques & more Yeah!! (Down on the Floor)

2/7/21  Floating Space, new Vimeo soundscape, best experienced on headset.

12/30/20 New on VimeoTwo Worlds

12/10/20  DS (w/Morgen Wurde) appearing on year end compilation CD from Unexplained Sounds Group

11/26/20  Blues from outer (or inner) space Revisiting a Dark Song

10/10/20  New Line 6 DL4 looper + Pladask Elektrisk Fabrikat featured  here

9/24/20  DS original music in Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire, coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime, October 1.

9/4/20  Score for Daughter soundtrack is finally completed!  Screening as early as October.

8/22/20  Dream: Calm Sea in the Northern Latitudes on Instagram.pre-pandemic.

8/3/20  Full length version of Earth Calling soundscape up on Vimeo.

7/2/20 Earth Calling, more electronic smoke signals to the universe. On Instagram.

6/16/20  New Joe Kevany song w/DS e-violin solo here Students of Tiananmen Square

6/5/20 Morgen Wurde’s “Vermacht” featuring DS on two tracks is album of the day on iconic German electronica program Evosonic.  Details here

5/26/20  Dashboard video preview of “Wagt” from new Morgen Wurde/Tis remix opus, “Vermacht,” on Instagram

5/19/20  DS featured on two pieces on new album of remix tracks from Morgen Wurde.  It’s on MixCult label. Read all about it & listen here Vermacht

5/7/20  Space blues, new on Vimeo. Warning: flashing lights.  The Blues Aquatic

5/1/20  Digital airplay in Netherlands for new DS/MW track from DJ Seznor listen here

4/25/20  Vibration, new on Vimeo.  Best on headset.

4/19/20  Terrific live remix of “Flammt Auf” by Cie here

4/17/20  Hear tracks from Morgen Wurde’s “Fur Immer” on pioneering German electronic music program Evosonic.

4/10/20  Out today:  “Fur Immer,” ambient tour de force from Morgen Wurde. DS on two tracks + included remixes, on Off-Record label.  Also Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify.

3/29/20  Dashboard video preview of one of DS pieces on “Fur Immer,” great upcoming album from German ambient star Morgen Wurde Flammt Auf

3/27/20  Article on “Daughter,” upcoming feature film w/DS score, here LA Times

3/15/20  Listen to ”Flammt Auf” from collaboration between DS and German ambient star Morgen Wurde.  Unexplained Sounds podcast, 10:40 mark here

3/11/20 Work continuing on DS soundtrack for Corey Deshon’s upcoming feature film Daughter

3/7/20  Haywire channels songs about Navajo white boys & Chavez Ravine,  Roots psychedelia from 9 tonight at Griffins of Kinsale

3/5/20   New poem in sound Clear Light

2/12/20  2nd movement of micro-symphony A Country, in Pieces (mvmt 2)

2/6/20   Some tough electronica.  A Country, in Pieces on Instagram.

2/3/20  “Fur Immer,” truly international release from German musician Morgen Wurde w/contributions from DS along w/stellar musicians like Tetsuroh Konishi & Georges Emmanuel Schneider, will be out 4/10/20

2/1/20  Roots psychedelia in the air tonight. Haywire at Griffins of Kinsale, 9 p.m.

1/29/20  New sound on Instagram

1/25/20 DS off to rehearse/jam tonight with Stratos Ensemble, collective featuring former Brand X keyboardist Dean DeBenedictus & ex Happy the Man drummer Coco Roussel.

1/24/20 Work in studio continuing on score for Corey Deshon film, “Daughter” (current working title) with Michael Gayle of Glynn Sound engineering.

12/27/19  Haywire blasts & channels roots psychedelia tonight at Griffins of Kinsale

12/25/19  Annual year-end space blues on Instagram 2019

12/18/19  DS in studio today, first recording session for director Corey Deshon’s “Your Name Is Daughter” Studio

12/1/19  New on Youtube, best heard on headset Eclipse

11/24/19  Violin/pedals after they set off multiple poppers at a private party where Haywire was featured.

11/14/19  Spirit music on Youtube Bajo la Misma Luna

10/28 19  Full length version of nocturnal landscape Open, All Night on Vimeo.

10/26/19  Timely songs about Santa Ana winds (plus Chavez Ravine, Navajo white boys and Echo Park) with Haywire tonight at 7 in 90039 Haywire at Bon Vivant

10/24/19  New sound on Instagram Open, All Night

9/22/19  Some wounds never fully heal. Longer version on Vimeo Hole

9/19/19   Hole, new on Instagram.

8/23/19  More songs about Santa Ana winds and Echo Park w/Haywire, 8/24 at 8 pm here Haywire at Tam o’Shanter

8/16/19  Roots psychedelia w/Haywire tonight, 9 pm to midnight here:  Griffins of Kinsale

8/10/19  Had Enough Yet?

8/7/19  Another Message from Earth,  longer version, on Vimeo.

8/3/19  DS has track in film “Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire,” screening info: Almaraz ar LALIFF

7/30/19  Another Message from Earth on Instagram.

7/18/19  “It’s jarring and it interrupts.” —Hayao Miyazaki on Internet technology The Over-Documented Generations

7/12/19 With Haywire tonight

7/6/19  Tonight!  Haywire live at Griffins of Kinsale

6/30/19  Electronic smoke signals: Transmitter.  Listen on headset.

6/24/19  More new spirit music Night in the Mojave

6/18/19  New spirit music here on Vimeo Somewhere Out There

6/15/19  DS with roots psychedelia band Haywire tonight, details here Live at Griffins of Kinsale

6/1/19  Haywire back at Griffins of Kinsale in the 91030 tonight from 9 pm-mid to jam on songs about Navajo white boys, Echo Park, Santa Ana winds & more.  Unpredictable roots psychedelia, y’all.

5/30/19  New sound:  A Road to a Void (Alternate)

5/17/19  Songs about Santa Ana winds, hillbilly neighbors, Navajo white boys & more. DS with Haywire tonight at Griffins of Kinsale, 1007 Mission in the 91030.

5/16/19  Blues From Another Place, sound on Instagram.

4/16/19  Tracking completed for upcoming album by German filmic/ambient composer Morgen Wurde. The preliminary mixes sound fantastic.

4/5/19  Songs about wayward slippers in the pool, Navajo white boys, Chavez Ravine and more. Haywire live tonight here Griffins of Kinsale

4/4/19  Be the Ever-Alert Guardian of Your Inner Space.  New YT video, best on headset.

4/1/19  In studio today recording track for stellar German musician Morgen Wurde.  Another track to follow later this week.  Stay tuned.

3/26/19  New soundscape on Youtube Altitude

2/26/19 For the land, the power lines, the oddly capitalized words on the freeway sign. For Anthony Bourdain who loved it out there; for the windmills, the wind. Sound for all of the aforementioned & then some. Best on headset  other Desert Cities (Youtube version)

2/16/19 DS creates ambience & incidental sonics for artist talk by Kate Kelton today, 2-3 pm, Cactus Gallery

2/9/19  Haywire tonight in 90039, details here Haywire at Bon Vivant

2/1/19  DS plays solo ambience at Cactus Gallery tonight for stellar Kate Kelton art opening Cactus

1/24/19 Hyades now on Youtube.  Alternate version on Vimeo, here Hyades (Vimeo)

1/12/19 DS playing roots psychedelia with Haywire tonight Live at Griffins of Kinsale

1/8/19  NS Design CR5 electric violin + wah wah pedal = Thank You, Jimi

1/2/19  More sonic exploration with Dark Moby pedal Jazz That Floats

12/14/18  Sonic exploration with new delay pedal Dark Moby, or the Night the Geminids Were Obscured by Clouds

11/18/18   Televisions Dreaming Evokes future music.  DS and Scot Ray, out NOW.

11/3/18  One more preview from upcoming Space Yard album.  This is music from the future. Oversoul

10/16/18  Peek into new Space Yard duo project with lap steel wizard Scot Ray, out soon The Stillness Brings

10/12/18  More songs about lost slippers in the swimming pool, Echo Park and the Santa Anas w/Haywire. October 13, 9 p.m.-midnight, Griffins of Kinsale

9/29/18  Haywire drops in at Tam O’Shanter in 90039 tonight, 8-11 p.m. to play songs about Chavez Ravine, Santa Ana winds, and Navajo white boys.

9/26/18  Because it is.  World Beyond Recognition

9/7/18  DS with Haywire tonight at Griffins of Kinsale, also Saturday 9/15 at Villains Tavern

8/28/18  Dashboard video preview, DS solo on upcoming Michael Gayle CD Euphrates

8/20/18  New sound That Place Where Outer Space Meets the Barnyard

8/6/18  Visual remix by Spirit Charity’s Vadim Sahakian of “other Desert Cities” vid  Mental Optics

7/27/18  For the land, the power lines, the oddly capitalized words on the freeway sign. For Anthony Bourdain who loved it out there, for the windmills, the wind.  other Desert Cities

7/14/18  Solo ambience tonight at Cactus Gallery, 3001 N. Coolidge, 90039, 7-9 pm.

7/2/18  Postmodern electric blues violin?  Es caliente en aqui

6/23/18  A soundscape Seven Years

6/1/18  Now on Vimeo Poem for the Displaced (full version) Sonic poem for our times featuring a blizzard of serious fx, including Caroline Meteore, Greer Amps Black Tiger and Neunaber Wet

5/30/10  Poem for the Displaced  new music on Instagram, excerpt from longer video to follow

5/24/18  New music on Youtube The Unseen

5/14/18  More songs about Echo Park and Santa Ana winds with Haywire this Friday, 5/18 at Griffins of Kinsale

5/9/18  Stark new video, industrial soundscape Dystopia

4/16/18  DS tries out new reverb and adds it to the sonic arsenal Caroline Meteore

4/13/18  Songs about Chavez Ravine, Navajo white boys & Santa Ana winds tonight & tomorrow, 9 pm-midnight at Griffins of Kinsale, 1003 Mission in 91030 Haywire this weekend

3/31/18  DS live tonight w/great Joe Kevany & Haywire Live at Griffins of Kinsale

3/14/18  Brand new EP on Spirit Charity label, released today In the Center of It All

2/27/18  Sound Night Music from Los Angeles

1/15/18  A moment in time  Blue Lava Lamp

12/15/17  Three recent videos on Vimeo

12/9/17  With the amazing Joe Kevany & Haywire tonight at Bon Vivant playing songs about Santa Ana winds, Chavez Ravine & lost slippers in the pool. 8 p.m.

12/8/17  Meditation Space 2.0, new on Youtube

11/16/17  New soundscape accessing spirit of the great Jerry Goodman?  Ambient Storm Clouds

11/8/17  Vimeo site upgraded, with new clips & improved sound Vimeo

11/1/17  Postmodern electric violin blues Dia de Los Muertos Blues

10/26/17  Sound sculpture featuring Greer Amps Black Tiger Delay Electric Violin Response

10/25/15  New sounds Still Life

9/29/17  Use headphones Not Much to See, Plenty to Hear

9/15/17   More songs about Santa Ana winds w/the great Joe Kevany & Haywire tonight at Griffins in South Pasadena, CA  Haywire tonight

8/24/17  Recent loop piece on Vimeo Still, Hiding

8/2/17  New postmodern blues video Exist

7/24/17  Alternate video of version of new recording Sorcery video

7/13/17  Short work-in-progress video Raven

7/5/17   New sounds, here   Sorcery

6/26/17  Ricardo Acuna’s poem about his late father, soundtrack by DS  FB Live

6/12/17  Songs about hillbilly neighbors, swimming pools, Chavez Ravine etc w/Joe Kevany 2nite, info here Twitter update

6/10/17  Duos with Clucas tonight, details:  Twitter

6/2/17  Youtube video pushing some really great pedals to outer realms: Thursday Effect.  Pedals are Black Tiger delay from Greer Amps, Pitch Fork shifter from EHX, XW-1 wah from Xotic, Wet digital reverb from Neunaber.

5/26/17 Not a love song. Your Love Songs Always Sound the Same

5/17/17  New Youtube soundscape.  Best w/headset  March, Still Raining

3/28/17 Blues tune, reduced to its essence?  Spoonful

3/26/17  Taking new Henriksen Bud amplifier out for a quick spin March, still raining

2/23/17  Preview of groove from upcoming release Hungry Ghosts

2/1/17  Addition to pedal board, listen here Xotic XW-1

1/9/17  New video soundscape  Rain song. 3 a.m.

12/29/16  2016 in sound.

12/27/16  New on Vimeo, part of year-end-series 2016, post everything

11/10/16  “11.9.16.”  New video about sound rather than sight, about feeling most of all:  11.9.16

11/9/16  “The Dark Song,” new on Vimeo:  The Dark Song

10/26/17  Several new videos on Instagram including this one:  Drone Series #1

9/22/16  Listen to “Loving, Fiercely,” a multi-layered  bold track from Duo Silencio, a collaboration between DS and percussionist/looper Breeze Smith, here: Loving, Fiercely

8/27/16   Brand new video, meditational/soundscape vibe, here:  From Late Summer

7/29/16 In studio this weekend at Glynn Sound to begin next solo CD.  Meanwhile, here’s another minimalist video:  Green Cactus Light Song

6/15/16  Video sketch for upcoming piece, “Reflejo de la Luna”

5/27/16 New set from Circuit Assembly now up on Soundcloud.  Klarin/Baugh/Strother/Paltrow lineup from February.  Hear some tough electronica:

3/20/16 “…music that for its large part smiles in beatitude, where technical bravura is still at the service of innocence.” Read rest of “Space Yard” review here:

2/12/16 “Space Yard,” new CD with Scot Ray, is out!  Listen & purchase here: Space Yard

2/8/16 DS jams w/the Circuit Assembly collective.  Hold onto yer chapeaus:  Down Bow

1/7/16 “Waiting on El Nino,” another minimalist video, here:  Waiting on El Nino

12/30/15 Hear “Orbit the Cat,” track from upcoming “Space Yard” duo album with lap steel wizard Scot Ray,  on Soundcloud:

12/13/15 “…to vanish,” ambient/headphone/soundscape:

11/20/15 DS joins Circuit Assembly collective tomorrow 11.21.15 to create electric music without borders at Bughouse, 5050 York Blvd, LA 90042. 6-9 pm., free.  A recent session went like this:

11/14/15   Sonic ambience for Lisa Agaran art opening here

11/2/15  In Glynn Sound studio today with brilliant lap steel visionary Scot Ray, recorded tracks for upcoming duo project.  Stay tuned.

10/17/15 Recorded solo for upcoming song by Joe Kevany, composer of “Third Base Dodger Stadium” on Ry Cooder’s “Chavez Ravine” album. 

9/9/15  A minimalist video:  Black Tiger

9/3/15 A blues in outer space, plus many other new videos on Instagram page:

8/7/15 New guest appearance, “Om Nava Shivaya” on Jennifer Russell’s “Lie Down in That Grass.” Listen/purchase:

7/24/15 Instagram video, “la llorona de los angeles.”

7/22/15 Video, “mi media naranja,” opening track from “muse” EP:

6/13/15 Special event tonight w/Joe Kevany, singer/songwriter and composer of “Third Base Dodger Stadium” from Ry Cooder’s “Chavez Ravine” CD. At CucuArt, 4704 Eagle Rock Blvd, 90041 as part of NELA Artwalk. 7-9 pm. Free. Read about Joe’s famous song here:

5/30/15 New Vimeo site:

5/29/15 Instagram video featuring Digitech RP360XP multifx unit

5/2/15 New Instagram account:

4/29/15 The TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal, in studio:

4/24/15 Photo from last night’s great recording session at Glynn Sound for Jennifer Russell album:

4/24/15 More adventures in sound with Circuit Assembly, tomorrow night from 6:30 pm onwards. 5050 York Blvd, 90042. Free.

4/22/15 In studio tomorrow night with producer Michael Gayle to record track for upcoming CD by pianist/vocalist Jennifer Russell.

4/14/15 Rare clip of DS playing fiddle with the Radio Ranch Straight Shooters in the late 1990s. From film “Aliens Among Us,” starring George Wendt and Julie Brown:

4/6/15 Replaced old reverb pedal with absolutely superb TC Electronic Hall of Fame pedal, turned it on, and:

4/4/15 Yes it is possible to order latest EP, “azul,” w/Patricia Krebs’ lovely cover art, via snail mail. Click here:

3/30/15 Fasten your seatbelts. Experience “Incendiary Tides” and other newly released Circuit Assembly 06 tracks right here:

3/14/15 Solo ambience at Cactus, 3001 N. Coolidge 90039 6-7 pm, and then jam w/dj Ron Kane at CucuArt, 4704 Eagle Rock Bl 90041, 7:20-9 pm

3/3/15 Right out of the box experiment with new Digitech RP360XP, “evs song.”

2/21/15 Creating edgy electronica tonight w/Circuit Assembly, at 5050 York in 90042. 7 pm, free. Stuff like this:

2/18/15 New music, “hungry ghosts.” Listen here:

2/10/15 Circuit Assembly 04 tracks up here on Soundcloud. DS playing some tough, challenging, experimental electronic music:

2/3/15 New soundscape, recorded last week, “the silence in the center of it all.”

1/30/15 Latest DS release “azul” featured on NS Design site:

1/25/15  NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, in booth, all afternoon.

1/20/15  New soundscape, “comet lovejoy in a time of hate,” here:

1/2/15 Lynchnet site at Facebook features my work on David Lynch’s “Straight Story” today here:

12/5/14 I will be part of Circuit Assembly this Saturday at Bughouse in Highland Park. Description from organizer Jeff Klarin: Circuit Assembly 04 is a monthly improvisational gathering. Electronic, experimental and circuit bending folk creating exploratory music. 12/6/14, 6:30 p.m., 5050 York Blvd., L.A. 90042. Free.

11/11/14 Hanging w/Michael Horse, aka “Deputy Hawk” of “Twin Peaks”

11/8/14, 7-9 p.m. Jamming with DJ Ron Kane on the street at CucuArt, 4704 Eagle Rock Blvd., LA 90041. Free. Part of NELA Second Saturday Art Walk.

11/7/14 In studio during next 2 weeks to record w/Santa Barbara musician Michael Dallas. Album of Dylan songs, w/great players like Tom Lackner & David West

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