9/18/21  “Tecolote…” pieces included in wonderful podcast featuring experimental music from all over the globe.  Listen here Unexplained Sounds #265  and here Unexplained Sounds #266

9/15/21  Legendary Los Angeles video artist Ulysses Jenkins is finally having his first major career retrospective & collaborations w/DS are included in this event.  Online premiere is 9/17 at 4 p.m. PST. , info here Without Your Interpretation

9/12/21  In which a certain guest star makes a cameo appearance The Visitor

9/1/21 Dashboard video preview from new EP El Tecolote

7/31/21 First release on new Bandcamp page  El Tecolote Sings Songs to the Night

7/27/21 DS pre-pandemic with Dean DeBenedictus & Stratos Ensemble

7/26/21 Short preview from upcoming film soundtrack Daughter recording session

7/5/21  Currently in production for release this summer  New EP

6/1/21  Debut of new reverb pedal Walrus Audio Fathom

5/2/21  Under-heard music Televisions Dreaming

4/16/21 That new black NXTa violin again, on Youtube 11:11

4/14/21  New NXTa electric violin meets Fabrikat-as-Jimi Feeding Back

4/3/21  Stay tuned, this film w/DS score is coming  Daughter

3/30/21 First studio recording session with new electric violin NS Design NXTa 5 string

3/6/21 New solo  EP release on Spirit Charity label Transmitter

2/26/21 Odd glitch textures, found sound, expanded violin techniques & more Yeah!! (Down on the Floor)

2/7/21  Floating Space, new Vimeo soundscape, best experienced on headset.

12/30/20 New on VimeoTwo Worlds

12/10/20  DS (w/Morgen Wurde) appearing on year end compilation CD from Unexplained Sounds Group

11/26/20  Blues from outer (or inner) space Revisiting a Dark Song

10/10/20  New Line 6 DL4 looper + Pladask Elektrisk Fabrikat featured  here

9/24/20  DS original music in Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire, coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime, October 1.

9/4/20  Score for Daughter soundtrack is finally completed!  Screening as early as October.

8/22/20  Dream: Calm Sea in the Northern Latitudes on Instagram.pre-pandemic.

8/3/20  Full length version of Earth Calling soundscape up on Vimeo.

7/2/20 Earth Calling, more electronic smoke signals to the universe. On Instagram.

6/16/20  New Joe Kevany song w/DS e-violin solo here Students of Tiananmen Square

6/5/20 Morgen Wurde’s “Vermacht” featuring DS on two tracks is album of the day on iconic German electronica program Evosonic.  Details here

5/26/20  Dashboard video preview of “Wagt” from new Morgen Wurde/Tis remix opus, “Vermacht,” on Instagram

5/19/20  DS featured on two pieces on new album of remix tracks from Morgen Wurde.  It’s on MixCult label. Read all about it & listen here Vermacht

5/7/20  Space blues, new on Vimeo. Warning: flashing lights.  The Blues Aquatic

5/1/20  Digital airplay in Netherlands for new DS/MW track from DJ Seznor listen here

4/25/20  Vibration, new on Vimeo.  Best on headset.

4/19/20  Terrific live remix of “Flammt Auf” by Cie here

4/17/20  Hear tracks from Morgen Wurde’s “Fur Immer” on pioneering German electronic music program Evosonic.

4/10/20  Out today:  “Fur Immer,” ambient tour de force from Morgen Wurde. DS on two tracks + included remixes, on Off-Record label.  Also Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify.

3/29/20  Dashboard video preview of one of DS pieces on “Fur Immer,” great upcoming album from German ambient star Morgen Wurde Flammt Auf

3/27/20  Article on “Daughter,” upcoming feature film w/DS score, here LA Times

3/15/20  Listen to ”Flammt Auf” from collaboration between DS and German ambient star Morgen Wurde.  Unexplained Sounds podcast, 10:40 mark here

3/11/20 Work continuing on DS soundtrack for Corey Deshon’s upcoming feature film Daughter

3/7/20  Haywire channels songs about Navajo white boys & Chavez Ravine,  Roots psychedelia from 9 tonight at Griffins of Kinsale

3/5/20   New poem in sound Clear Light

2/12/20  2nd movement of micro-symphony A Country, in Pieces (mvmt 2)

2/6/20   Some tough electronica.  A Country, in Pieces on Instagram.

2/3/20  “Fur Immer,” truly international release from German musician Morgen Wurde w/contributions from DS along w/stellar musicians like Tetsuroh Konishi & Georges Emmanuel Schneider, will be out 4/10/20

2/1/20  Roots psychedelia in the air tonight. Haywire at Griffins of Kinsale, 9 p.m.

1/29/20  New sound on Instagram

1/25/20 DS off to rehearse/jam tonight with Stratos Ensemble, collective featuring former Brand X keyboardist Dean DeBenedictus & ex Happy the Man drummer Coco Roussel.

1/24/20 Work in studio continuing on score for Corey Deshon film, “Daughter” (current working title) with Michael Gayle of Glynn Sound engineering.

12/27/19  Haywire blasts & channels roots psychedelia tonight at Griffins of Kinsale

12/25/19  Annual year-end space blues on Instagram 2019

12/18/19  DS in studio today, first recording session for director Corey Deshon’s “Your Name Is Daughter” Studio

12/1/19  New on Youtube, best heard on headset Eclipse

11/24/19  Violin/pedals after they set off multiple poppers at a private party where Haywire was featured.

11/14/19  Spirit music on Youtube Bajo la Misma Luna

10/28 19  Full length version of nocturnal landscape Open, All Night on Vimeo.

10/26/19  Timely songs about Santa Ana winds (plus Chavez Ravine, Navajo white boys and Echo Park) with Haywire tonight at 7 in 90039 Haywire at Bon Vivant

10/24/19  New sound on Instagram Open, All Night

9/22/19  Some wounds never fully heal. Longer version on Vimeo Hole

9/19/19   Hole, new on Instagram.

8/23/19  More songs about Santa Ana winds and Echo Park w/Haywire, 8/24 at 8 pm here Haywire at Tam o’Shanter

8/16/19  Roots psychedelia w/Haywire tonight, 9 pm to midnight here:  Griffins of Kinsale

8/10/19  Had Enough Yet?

8/7/19  Another Message from Earth,  longer version, on Vimeo.

8/3/19  DS has track in film “Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire,” screening info: Almaraz ar LALIFF

7/30/19  Another Message from Earth on Instagram.

7/18/19  “It’s jarring and it interrupts.” —Hayao Miyazaki on Internet technology The Over-Documented Generations

7/12/19 With Haywire tonight

7/6/19  Tonight!  Haywire live at Griffins of Kinsale

6/30/19  Electronic smoke signals: Transmitter.  Listen on headset.

6/24/19  More new spirit music Night in the Mojave

6/18/19  New spirit music here on Vimeo Somewhere Out There

6/15/19  DS with roots psychedelia band Haywire tonight, details here Live at Griffins of Kinsale

6/1/19  Haywire back at Griffins of Kinsale in the 91030 tonight from 9 pm-mid to jam on songs about Navajo white boys, Echo Park, Santa Ana winds & more.  Unpredictable roots psychedelia, y’all.

5/30/19  New sound:  A Road to a Void (Alternate)

5/17/19  Songs about Santa Ana winds, hillbilly neighbors, Navajo white boys & more. DS with Haywire tonight at Griffins of Kinsale, 1007 Mission in the 91030.

5/16/19  Blues From Another Place, sound on Instagram.

4/16/19  Tracking completed for upcoming album by German filmic/ambient composer Morgen Wurde. The preliminary mixes sound fantastic.

4/5/19  Songs about wayward slippers in the pool, Navajo white boys, Chavez Ravine and more. Haywire live tonight here Griffins of Kinsale

4/4/19  Be the Ever-Alert Guardian of Your Inner Space.  New YT video, best on headset.

4/1/19  In studio today recording track for stellar German musician Morgen Wurde.  Another track to follow later this week.  Stay tuned.

3/26/19  New soundscape on Youtube Altitude

2/26/19 For the land, the power lines, the oddly capitalized words on the freeway sign. For Anthony Bourdain who loved it out there; for the windmills, the wind. Sound for all of the aforementioned & then some. Best on headset  other Desert Cities (Youtube version)

2/16/19 DS creates ambience & incidental sonics for artist talk by Kate Kelton today, 2-3 pm, Cactus Gallery

2/9/19  Haywire tonight in 90039, details here Haywire at Bon Vivant

2/1/19  DS plays solo ambience at Cactus Gallery tonight for stellar Kate Kelton art opening Cactus

1/24/19 Hyades now on Youtube.  Alternate version on Vimeo, here Hyades (Vimeo)

1/12/19 DS playing roots psychedelia with Haywire tonight Live at Griffins of Kinsale

1/8/19  NS Design CR5 electric violin + wah wah pedal = Thank You, Jimi

1/2/19  More sonic exploration with Dark Moby pedal Jazz That Floats

12/14/18  Sonic exploration with new delay pedal Dark Moby, or the Night the Geminids Were Obscured by Clouds

11/18/18   Televisions Dreaming Evokes future music.  DS and Scot Ray, out NOW.

11/3/18  One more preview from upcoming Space Yard album.  This is music from the future. Oversoul

10/16/18  Peek into new Space Yard duo project with lap steel wizard Scot Ray, out soon The Stillness Brings

10/12/18  More songs about lost slippers in the swimming pool, Echo Park and the Santa Anas w/Haywire. October 13, 9 p.m.-midnight, Griffins of Kinsale

9/29/18  Haywire drops in at Tam O’Shanter in 90039 tonight, 8-11 p.m. to play songs about Chavez Ravine, Santa Ana winds, and Navajo white boys.

9/26/18  Because it is.  World Beyond Recognition

9/7/18  DS with Haywire tonight at Griffins of Kinsale, also Saturday 9/15 at Villains Tavern

8/28/18  Dashboard video preview, DS solo on upcoming Michael Gayle CD Euphrates

8/20/18  New sound That Place Where Outer Space Meets the Barnyard

8/6/18  Visual remix by Spirit Charity’s Vadim Sahakian of “other Desert Cities” vid  Mental Optics

7/27/18  For the land, the power lines, the oddly capitalized words on the freeway sign. For Anthony Bourdain who loved it out there, for the windmills, the wind.  other Desert Cities

7/14/18  Solo ambience tonight at Cactus Gallery, 3001 N. Coolidge, 90039, 7-9 pm.

7/2/18  Postmodern electric blues violin?  Es caliente en aqui

6/23/18  A soundscape Seven Years

6/1/18  Now on Vimeo Poem for the Displaced (full version) Sonic poem for our times featuring a blizzard of serious fx, including Caroline Meteore, Greer Amps Black Tiger and Neunaber Wet

5/30/10  Poem for the Displaced  new music on Instagram, excerpt from longer video to follow

5/24/18  New music on Youtube The Unseen

5/14/18  More songs about Echo Park and Santa Ana winds with Haywire this Friday, 5/18 at Griffins of Kinsale

5/9/18  Stark new video, industrial soundscape Dystopia

4/16/18  DS tries out new reverb and adds it to the sonic arsenal Caroline Meteore

4/13/18  Songs about Chavez Ravine, Navajo white boys & Santa Ana winds tonight & tomorrow, 9 pm-midnight at Griffins of Kinsale, 1003 Mission in 91030 Haywire this weekend

3/31/18  DS live tonight w/great Joe Kevany & Haywire Live at Griffins of Kinsale

3/14/18  Brand new EP on Spirit Charity label, released today In the Center of It All

2/27/18  Sound Night Music from Los Angeles

1/15/18  A moment in time  Blue Lava Lamp

12/15/17  Three recent videos on Vimeo

12/9/17  With the amazing Joe Kevany & Haywire tonight at Bon Vivant playing songs about Santa Ana winds, Chavez Ravine & lost slippers in the pool. 8 p.m.

12/8/17  Meditation Space 2.0, new on Youtube

11/16/17  New soundscape accessing spirit of the great Jerry Goodman?  Ambient Storm Clouds

11/8/17  Vimeo site upgraded, with new clips & improved sound Vimeo

11/1/17  Postmodern electric violin blues Dia de Los Muertos Blues

10/26/17  Sound sculpture featuring Greer Amps Black Tiger Delay Electric Violin Response

10/25/15  New sounds Still Life

9/29/17  Use headphones Not Much to See, Plenty to Hear

9/15/17   More songs about Santa Ana winds w/the great Joe Kevany & Haywire tonight at Griffins in South Pasadena, CA  Haywire tonight

8/24/17  Recent loop piece on Vimeo Still, Hiding

8/2/17  New postmodern blues video Exist

7/24/17  Alternate video of version of new recording Sorcery video

7/13/17  Short work-in-progress video Raven

7/5/17   New sounds, here   Sorcery

6/26/17  Ricardo Acuna’s poem about his late father, soundtrack by DS  FB Live

6/12/17  Songs about hillbilly neighbors, swimming pools, Chavez Ravine etc w/Joe Kevany 2nite, info here Twitter update

6/10/17  Duos with Clucas tonight, details:  Twitter

6/2/17  Youtube video pushing some really great pedals to outer realms: Thursday Effect.  Pedals are Black Tiger delay from Greer Amps, Pitch Fork shifter from EHX, XW-1 wah from Xotic, Wet digital reverb from Neunaber.

5/26/17 Not a love song. Your Love Songs Always Sound the Same

5/17/17  New Youtube soundscape.  Best w/headset  March, Still Raining

3/28/17 Blues tune, reduced to its essence?  Spoonful

3/26/17  Taking new Henriksen Bud amplifier out for a quick spin March, still raining

2/23/17  Preview of groove from upcoming release Hungry Ghosts

2/1/17  Addition to pedal board, listen here Xotic XW-1

1/9/17  New video soundscape  Rain song. 3 a.m.

12/29/16  2016 in sound.

12/27/16  New on Vimeo, part of year-end-series 2016, post everything

11/10/16  “11.9.16.”  New video about sound rather than sight, about feeling most of all:  11.9.16

11/9/16  “The Dark Song,” new on Vimeo:  The Dark Song

10/26/17  Several new videos on Instagram including this one:  Drone Series #1

9/22/16  Listen to “Loving, Fiercely,” a multi-layered  bold track from Duo Silencio, a collaboration between DS and percussionist/looper Breeze Smith, here: Loving, Fiercely

8/27/16   Brand new video, meditational/soundscape vibe, here:  From Late Summer

7/29/16 In studio this weekend at Glynn Sound to begin next solo CD.  Meanwhile, here’s another minimalist video:  Green Cactus Light Song

6/15/16  Video sketch for upcoming piece, “Reflejo de la Luna”

5/27/16 New set from Circuit Assembly now up on Soundcloud.  Klarin/Baugh/Strother/Paltrow lineup from February.  Hear some tough electronica:

3/20/16 “…music that for its large part smiles in beatitude, where technical bravura is still at the service of innocence.” Read rest of “Space Yard” review here:

2/12/16 “Space Yard,” new CD with Scot Ray, is out!  Listen & purchase here: Space Yard

2/8/16 DS jams w/the Circuit Assembly collective.  Hold onto yer chapeaus:  Down Bow

1/7/16 “Waiting on El Nino,” another minimalist video, here:  Waiting on El Nino

12/30/15 Hear “Orbit the Cat,” track from upcoming “Space Yard” duo album with lap steel wizard Scot Ray,  on Soundcloud:

12/13/15 “…to vanish,” ambient/headphone/soundscape:

11/20/15 DS joins Circuit Assembly collective tomorrow 11.21.15 to create electric music without borders at Bughouse, 5050 York Blvd, LA 90042. 6-9 pm., free.  A recent session went like this:

11/14/15   Sonic ambience for Lisa Agaran art opening here

11/2/15  In Glynn Sound studio today with brilliant lap steel visionary Scot Ray, recorded tracks for upcoming duo project.  Stay tuned.

10/17/15 Recorded solo for upcoming song by Joe Kevany, composer of “Third Base Dodger Stadium” on Ry Cooder’s “Chavez Ravine” album. 

9/9/15  A minimalist video:  Black Tiger

9/3/15 A blues in outer space, plus many other new videos on Instagram page:

8/7/15 New guest appearance, “Om Nava Shivaya” on Jennifer Russell’s “Lie Down in That Grass.” Listen/purchase:

7/24/15 Instagram video, “la llorona de los angeles.”

7/22/15 Video, “mi media naranja,” opening track from “muse” EP:

6/13/15 Special event tonight w/Joe Kevany, singer/songwriter and composer of “Third Base Dodger Stadium” from Ry Cooder’s “Chavez Ravine” CD. At CucuArt, 4704 Eagle Rock Blvd, 90041 as part of NELA Artwalk. 7-9 pm. Free. Read about Joe’s famous song here:

5/30/15 New Vimeo site:

5/29/15 Instagram video featuring Digitech RP360XP multifx unit

5/2/15 New Instagram account:

4/29/15 The TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal, in studio:

4/24/15 Photo from last night’s great recording session at Glynn Sound for Jennifer Russell album:

4/24/15 More adventures in sound with Circuit Assembly, tomorrow night from 6:30 pm onwards. 5050 York Blvd, 90042. Free.

4/22/15 In studio tomorrow night with producer Michael Gayle to record track for upcoming CD by pianist/vocalist Jennifer Russell.

4/14/15 Rare clip of DS playing fiddle with the Radio Ranch Straight Shooters in the late 1990s. From film “Aliens Among Us,” starring George Wendt and Julie Brown:

4/6/15 Replaced old reverb pedal with absolutely superb TC Electronic Hall of Fame pedal, turned it on, and:

4/4/15 Yes it is possible to order latest EP, “azul,” w/Patricia Krebs’ lovely cover art, via snail mail. Click here:

3/30/15 Fasten your seatbelts. Experience “Incendiary Tides” and other newly released Circuit Assembly 06 tracks right here:

3/14/15 Solo ambience at Cactus, 3001 N. Coolidge 90039 6-7 pm, and then jam w/dj Ron Kane at CucuArt, 4704 Eagle Rock Bl 90041, 7:20-9 pm

3/3/15 Right out of the box experiment with new Digitech RP360XP, “evs song.”

2/21/15 Creating edgy electronica tonight w/Circuit Assembly, at 5050 York in 90042. 7 pm, free. Stuff like this:

2/18/15 New music, “hungry ghosts.” Listen here:

2/10/15 Circuit Assembly 04 tracks up here on Soundcloud. DS playing some tough, challenging, experimental electronic music:

2/3/15 New soundscape, recorded last week, “the silence in the center of it all.”

1/30/15 Latest DS release “azul” featured on NS Design site:

1/25/15  NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, in booth, all afternoon.

1/20/15  New soundscape, “comet lovejoy in a time of hate,” here:

1/2/15 Lynchnet site at Facebook features my work on David Lynch’s “Straight Story” today here:

12/5/14 I will be part of Circuit Assembly this Saturday at Bughouse in Highland Park. Description from organizer Jeff Klarin: Circuit Assembly 04 is a monthly improvisational gathering. Electronic, experimental and circuit bending folk creating exploratory music. 12/6/14, 6:30 p.m., 5050 York Blvd., L.A. 90042. Free.

11/11/14 Hanging w/Michael Horse, aka “Deputy Hawk” of “Twin Peaks”

11/8/14, 7-9 p.m. Jamming with DJ Ron Kane on the street at CucuArt, 4704 Eagle Rock Blvd., LA 90041. Free. Part of NELA Second Saturday Art Walk.

11/7/14 In studio during next 2 weeks to record w/Santa Barbara musician Michael Dallas. Album of Dylan songs, w/great players like Tom Lackner & David West

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