David Strother is an electric violinist and composer based in Southern California. He has recorded several unique, exploratory solo CDs including the EP “In the Center of It All,” released in March 2018 on the Spirit Charity label, and “Azul,” which was came out in 2014.  “Space Yard,” an experimental, adventurous duo set with the esteemed lap steel guitarist, Scot Ray, was a 2016 release.

Along with the remarkable poet Ricardo Lira Acuna, David hosted a popular L.A. area monthly poetry salon for over four years, accompanying spoken word artists with in-the-moment compositions.  He has also contributed scores to Acuna’s poetry videos.  David and Ricardo continue to create spoken word/music events in various Southern California locations which are also broadcast globally via Facebook Live.

David’s playing has been featured in both film and television, including David Lynch’s The Straight Story and The Rookie and the Nickelodeon animated series “Doug.”  A veteran of the Los Angeles roots/swing/blues scene, David was a member of both the Radio Ranch Straight Shooters and Lawrence Lebo’s band for many years.  He has also guested on many albums in various genres, including Scot Ray’s “Earth Circuit,” the brilliant rapper Tito Calloway’s “Thugelligence,” and country artist Davie Gayle’s “Amber in the Clay.”  David’s most recent guest appearances on CD are on Michael Dallas’ set of Bob Dylan love songs, “Romance in Durango” and pianist/vocalist Jennifer Russell’s “Lie Down in That Grass.”

In late 2015 David also recorded a solo for a song by singer/songwriter Joe Kevany, whose work has been recorded by Ry Cooder.  David is a now a full time member of Kevany’s popular roots/psychedelia ensemble Haywire, which gigs in Southern California on a regular basis.

In addition to the new solo EP “In the Center of It All,” recording sessions are underway for a full length 2018 solo CD which may include collaborations with other musicians in addition to unaccompanied works and layered sound sculptures.  Another duo album with Scot Ray is also in the planning stages and should be released by the end of 2018.

David’s current music explores electronically looped soundscapes which are generated through the use of both orthodox and unorthodox violin techniques. The improvisational spirit of jazz tradition remains a vital element, and despite the increased density created with looping technology, his intimate performances and recordings retain a quiet, nuanced intensity.

David Strother is an NS Design artist.


David Strother–“In the Center of It All” (2018)
David Strother & Scot Ray–“Space Yard” (2016)
Jennifer Ruth Russell–“Lie Down in That Grass” (2015)
Michael Dallas–“Romance in Durango” (2015)
David Strother–“Azul” (2014)
David Strother–“Muse” (2013)
Lawrence Lebo–“the Best of Don’t Call Her Larry Blues Mix” (2012)
David Strother–“Soundings.live” (2011)
Scot Ray–”Earth Circuit” (2010)
Tito “Stretch” Calloway–”Thugelligence” (2010)
Sonny Salsbury–“How’s About a Boa?” (2007)
David Strother–“The Desert Is Singing” (2006)
Davie Gayle–“Amber in the Clay” (2005)
Lawrence Lebo–“Don’t Call Her Larry vol. 2 & 3” (2004, 2010)
Nyofu–“La Turca Guitarra”  (2004)
Susan J. Paul–”Big Love” (2004)
Alternate Faith–“Out of Nowhere”–(1995)
CPD–“The Process”–(1990)

Television and Film Soundtracks

“The Rookie” (2002)
“The Straight Story” (1999)
“Nevada” (1997, on-screen)
“Alien Avengers 2” (1997, on screen)
“Philadelphia Experiment pt. II” (1993, on screen)
“Doug” (Nickelodeon Channel) (1992)

Radio features

“O Baile des Bomberos,” Ivo Martins, host, Radio Universitaria do Minho, Portugal (2007)

Web features

Ricardo Acuna (theme music for http://www.writeracuna.com; scores for videos “Office Is,” These Roses,” “Miracle,“ “Bus,” “Singles Ad”) (2008, 2012, 2013)
Bowed Radio (podcasts, episodes #20, 52, & 82  http://bowedradio.blogspot.com (2007, 2008, 2011)

Performance art

“Black Gold Fever”–Ulysses Jenkins (2011)
“Without Your Interpretation”–Ulysses Jenkins (1983; in permanent collection, Whitney Museum)

Dance/movement collaborations

“Void”–Rebeca Hernandez, Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA (2012)
“Swan (part one)”–L. Martina Young, Lighthouse/Studio 502, Reno, NV (2013)

As leader

Larry Tuttle-David Strother duo (1986; new age/jazz)
CPD (1988-92; experimental/avant garde)
Terje Lie-David Strother quartet (1998-99; jazz)

As sideman

 Joe Kevany & Haywire (2007-current; roots/country/blues)
Circuit Assembly (2015-current; experimental/electronica)
Davie Gayle (2005-09; roots/country)
Rebekah del Rio (2006-12; torch/jazz)
Mobile Homeboys (2001-03; swing/jazz/blues)
Radio Ranch Straight Shooters (1992-2006; western swing)
Lawrence Lebo (1989-2006; swing/blues)