David Strother is an electric violinist and composer based in Southern California.  His extensive body of work features a number of unique, exploratory solo CDs including the 2021 EPs “El Tecolote Sings Songs to the Night” and “Transmitter,”  which was released on the Spirit Charity label.  The solo single “Living Forms Climbing Out of the Earth,” which came out in January 2022, provides another sonic glimpse into recent unaccompanied music.  

The critically acclaimed Corey Deshon-directed movie “Daughter,” an independent film which features David’s musical score and multitracked electric violin orchestrations, is now streaming on all major platforms.  It screened at Cannes in 2022 and then moved on to multiple film events including the Orlando Film Festival where it won top honors.  David’s composition “Almaraz” is also part of the soundtrack for the documentary “Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire,”  released globally in 2019 and added to Netflix in October 2020.

Recent collaborative recording efforts include the 2022 debut album from DBC:Unit, a genre-defying power trio with bassist Carl Royce and drummer Breeze Smith and “Televisions Dreaming,” the second of two adventurous duo sets from Space Yard (David + lap steel guitarist Scot Ray).  “Valaho,” a duo collection with guitarist Michael Gayle, was released in October 2022.

David has also contributed improvised solos and sonic textures to “Fur Immer” and “Vermacht,” 2020 releases from visionary German ambient musician Morgen Wurde.  These credits were followed by appearances on multiple albums curated by Italian ambient producer Raffaele Pezzella, including the 2023 releases “Dark Red” and “Mysterium.”

A veteran of the Los Angeles roots music scene, David currently gigs regularly with roots/psychedelia band Haywire and has also collaborated with the prog/fusion collaborative Stratos Ensemble, led hy keyboardist Dean DeBenedictus.

David’s current solo music explores electronically looped soundscapes which are generated through the use of both orthodox and unorthodox violin techniques.  The improvisational spirit of jazz tradition remains a vital sonic element in his work, and despite the density created by looping technology, his intimate performances and recordings retain a quiet, nuanced intensity.

David Strother is an NS Design artist.


“Mysterium”—Eighth Tower Records (2023)
“Deep Red”—Eighth Tower Records (2023)
“Unexplained Sounds Group—8th Annual Report” (compilation, 2022)
David Strother & Michael Gayle—“Valaho” (2022)
“Dracula-Music Inspired by the Bram Stoker Novel”—Eighth Tower Records (2022)
”Wagt/Sinnt”—Morgen Wurde & Tis (2022)
“Unexplained Sounds Group—8th Annual Report, mid year” (compilation, 2022)
DBC:Unit—“Ear Reverent” (2022)
David Strother—“Living Forms Climbing Out of the Earth” (2022)
“Unexplained Sounds Group—7th Annual Report” (compilation, 2021)
David  Strother—“El Tecolote Sings Songs to the Night” (2021)
David Strother—“Transmitter” (2021)
“Unexplained Sounds Group—6th Annual Report” (compilation, 2020)
“Inward: 40 Tunes” (MixCult label compilation, 2020)
Joe Kevany—“Students of Tiananmen Square” (2020)
Morgen Wurde & Tis—“Vermacht” (2020)
Morgen Wurde—“Fur Immer” (2020)
Space Yard—“Televisions Dreaming” (2018)
David Strother–“In the Center of It All” (2018)
David Strother & Scot Ray—“Space Yard” (2016)
Jennifer Ruth Russell–“Lie Down in That Grass” (2015)
Michael Dallas–“Romance in Durango” (2015)
David Strother—“Azul” (2014)
David Strother—“Muse” (2013)
Lawrence Lebo–“the Best of Don’t Call Her Larry Blues Mix” (2012)
David Strother—“Soundings.live” (2011)
Scot Ray–”Earth Circuit” (2010)
Tito  Calloway–”Thugelligence” (2010)
Sonny Salsbury–“How’s About a Boa?” (2007)
David Strother—“The Desert Is Singing” (2006)
Davie Gayle–“Amber in the Clay” (2005)
Lawrence Lebo–“Don’t Call Her Larry vol. 2 & 3” (2004, 2010)
Nyofu–“La Turca Guitarra”  (2004)
Susan J. Paul–”Big Love” (2004)
Alternate Faith–“Out of Nowhere” (1995)
CPD–“The Process”  (1990)

Television and Film Soundtracks

“Daughter” (2022, soundtrack composer/performer)
“Carlos Almaraz:  Playing With Fire” (2019)
“The Rookie” (2002)
“The Straight Story” (1999)
“Nevada” (1997, on screen)
“Alien Avengers 2” (1997, on screen)
“Philadelphia Experiment pt. II” (1993, on screen)
“Doug” (Nickelodeon Channel) (1992)

Radio features

Evosonic, German electronic music program, Morgen Wurde “Fur Immer” album featured (2020)
O Baile des Bomberos, Ivo Martins, host, Radio Universitaria do Minho, Portugal (2007)

Web features

Unexplained Sounds Group Recognition Test #265, 266, 269, 279, 283, 317 (2021-23)
Ricardo Acuna (theme music for website; scores for videos “Office Is,” These Roses,” “Miracle,“ “Bus,” “Singles Ad,” “Angeles”) (2008, 2012, 2013, 2020)
Bowed Radio (podcasts, episodes #20, 52, & 82  (2007, 2008, 2011)

Performance art

“Black Gold Fever”–Ulysses Jenkins (2011)
“Without Your Interpretation”–Ulysses Jenkins (1983; in permanent collection, Whitney Museum)

Dance/movement collaborations

“Void”–Rebeca Hernandez, Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA (2012)
“Swan (part one)”–L. Martina Young, Lighthouse/Studio 502, Reno, NV (2013)

As leader

       DBC:Unit (current; improv/experimental/jazz)    
         Terje Lie/David Strother Quartet (1998/99; jazz)
   CPD (experimental; 1990-92)

As sideman

               Joe Kevany & Haywire (2007-current; roots/country/blues)
Stratos Ensemble (current; fringe jazz/improv)
Circuit Assembly (2015-2016; experimental/electronica)
Davie Gayle (2005-09; roots/country)
Rebekah del Rio (2006-12; torch/jazz)
Mobile Homeboys (2001-03; swing/jazz/blues)
Radio Ranch Straight Shooters (1992-2006; western swing)
Lawrence Lebo (1989-2006; swing/blues)

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